Restoration Appeal

The historic church of St John the Evangelist was originally founded by Fr John Rolfe, Rector of Moorfields. It was designed by J. J. Scoles, and opened on 26 June 1843.

St John’s serves not only the local Catholic community in Islington (some 1,000 people attend church services each week), but also plays a major role supporting a much wider community of all races and creeds. 

As well as being simply a place for quiet reflection away from the hustle and bustle of Islington, the Fr George Haines Centre (the crypt) is regularly used as a Youth Centre, a weekly drop-in centre for the homeless (the Sunday Club), and for many other community activities. 

The church is open every day of the year. The building is now over 170 years old and, being Grade II listed, provides a continuing challenge in terms of its maintenance and ongoing repair. In 2006 the parish organised the restoration of the main body of the church to reflect the original decorative scheme when it was built. 

The side chapels are far less ornate today than when they were first built and decorated. Due to the concept of ‘noble simplicity’ called for by the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s, the intricate original details and decorations were painted over. They are now in a very poor condition and detract from the rest of the church.

We now need to complete our renovation project by restoring the side chapels to reflect their former splendour, as well as unifying the church’s interior into a harmonious whole.

How can you help?
Please, download our leaflet, which shows how you can help.
Please be as generous as you possibly can.

Thank you for your support.
God bless you and your family.

Mgr Séamus O'Boyle, Parish Priest

see the progress of the restoration here
see the blessing of Our Lady and St Francis chapels by Bishop Alan Hopes on 12 June 2010 here