Thank you for considering supporting us. 

Since September of this year, we have had a couple of minor calamaties. Firstly, the roof of the presbytery collapsed in spectacular style leaving one bedroom completely exposed to the elements. It was through good fortune that no one was hurt. Secondly, on one of the coldest weekends of 2023, our boilers broke down. Many of you bravely sat through Mass in temperatures that were less than 10C. The extensive cost of fixing the roof and the boilers have been funded via loans.

We're very grateful for any donations, no matter how small, to help us fund the boiler and roof repairs. We receive no financing from the Diocese or from the Government so we rely on our wonderful parishoners.

If you would like to support us, then donations in any form are most welcome. This can be in the form of  cash, using the contactless card readers in the church porch or by bank transfer. 

Once again, any forthcoming help is very much appreciated.

Father Rajiv
Father Jakub (especially from Father Jakub as it was his bedroom ceiling that collapsed!)

Bank transfer
Account name: WRCDT St John the Evangelist
Sort code: 40 05 20
Account number: 71308327
Reference: your first initial followed by surname

Cheques payable to RCDOW St John the Evangelist Church

Gift aid
If you're a UK tax payer, giving £1 to us means that we receive £1.25. In other words, your donation is increased by 25% at no extra cost to you or to us! How? You need to fill in a 'Gift Aid Declaration' form. I know, it sounds boring but you only need to provide your name and address. You can collect a form from the presbytery (next door to the church) or email our wonderful bookkeeper, Oscar at More information on the Gift Aid scheme can be found here.